I am an animal lover. Every country I go to, I make sure to visit their zoo. One thing I love about Singapore zoo is that, almost all their animals are not caged. They are the world-famous “open concept” zoo. Except for the reptiles and the polar bear, the animals are free in their natural habitat.

I bought our Singapore Zoo tickets via Klook. img_1093.png


You don’t have to fall in line and wait for a long time, hassle free. You will receive the confirmation email with the e-voucher and instructions are there, like the one below.


To know the directions and routes going to the zoo, make sure to download this app. It was very helpful, even the schedules of the bus and trains are there.



You have to take the Mandai Express Bus going to Singapore zoo. Fare is $1 Singaporean Dollar per way. You can use your EZ-Link card or buy ticket at the zoo.IMG_20180203_155605_363

Excited kid (kid at heart)C360_2018-02-03-11-00-29-203

Of course, a photo before entering the zooC360_2018-02-03-11-03-02-125

If you weren’t able to purchase tickets via Klook, you can buy tickets hereC360_2018-02-03-11-04-17-258

Welcome to Singapore Zoo!C360_2018-02-03-11-05-07-192

A map is always a good ideaIMG_20180203_155228_837

But there are maps around the zoo, so you won’t get lostIMG_20180203_155228_839

Street signs are everywhere tooC360_2018-02-03-11-08-53-275

Check out the land of giants, kids will love it. Please note that these are not the real thing 😊C360_2018-02-03-11-10-33-596C360_2018-02-03-11-10-01-208C360_2018-02-03-11-09-21-952

Believe it or not, yes believe it, orangutans and different kind of monkeys are just playing and hanging in this zoo. I love watching them!C360_2018-02-03-11-20-14-963IMG_20180203_154258_753C360_2018-02-03-11-13-16-775C360_2018-02-03-11-11-18-643C360_2018-02-03-11-21-17-589C360_2018-02-03-11-23-44-904C360_2018-02-03-11-22-58-990

In case you get tired, there are stores that you can buy snacks and drinks fromC360_2018-02-03-11-15-04-924

If you don’t want to walk under the heat of the sun, you may opt to ride the shuttle. Rates for unlimited ride is $5 Singaporean Dollars for adults and $3 for kids.C360_2018-02-03-11-16-21-855C360_2018-02-03-11-35-47-992

Now, my personal favorites here 🙂

I love giraffes! I’ve been wanting to see one, and now waaaah! I’m so happy!IMG_20180203_154258_741C360_2018-02-03-11-38-02-567

This white tiger or bleached tiger look so fierceC360_2018-02-03-11-28-57-813C360_2018-02-03-11-30-07-313

Rhinos, they are huge and I was so close!C360_2018-02-03-11-33-37-801

The famous striped beautiesC360_2018-02-03-11-34-44-577

Our friendly elephants C360_2018-02-03-11-32-30-031C360_2018-02-03-11-33-02-167

This is a couple hippopotamus. They have been together for 28 years. IMG_20180203_154258_746

These tortoise are the cutest thing ever!C360_2018-02-03-11-53-27-782

It was 2PM and the lions were taking a napIMG_20180203_154258_754

Last but not the least, the KING of Singapore Zoo. This is Inuka, a 27 year old polar bear. In human years, he’s already 70 years old. He’s being supervised 24/7 as he can’t be left alone.C360_2018-02-03-11-57-21-355C360_2018-02-03-11-59-00-119

And now, the reptilesC360_2018-02-03-11-41-27-025C360_2018-02-03-11-45-07-628C360_2018-02-03-11-48-23-840


There are other animals like kangaroo, penguins, squirrels and more. There are also shows for kids to enjoy.

Travel Tips:

  • The zoo is huge, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes. My personal suggestion – T-shirt, shorts and sneakers
  • It is hot!!! Bring a cap or hat, fan and extra shirt/s
  • Bring water, there are refillable stations so no worries
  • Do not touch the animals
  • Do not feed the animals (although there are certain animals that you can feed as long as the food is bought from the zoo)
  • Don’t take photos with flash, it’ll hurt their eyes
  • Take your time, I think 4-5 hours should be spent in this zoo to see and enjoy everything


Oh by the way, I did 25,000 steps that day and I tracked it using my Fitbit 2. Do I look tired?😂C360_2018-02-03-11-31-55-061

And that was our Singapore Zoo adventure. For more of my travel tips and best places to visit in Singapore, check out my website and follow my Facebook page. Happy travels! 🙂



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