Secret Base Gaming Lounge and Board Game Cafe

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Are you a gamer? If yes, then, this cafe is all you’ve dreamt of! The owner’s concept was to put together a place where people can enjoy playing games and eat good food at the same time. Perfect combination, right? Secret Base Gaming Lounge and Board Game Cafe started in July 2016. After a year, they had to move because of the demand of people visiting their cafe. Good business, I would say.

Getting there:

  • The place is searchable in Waze, Uber and Grab
  • If going via commute from Aurora Cubao, just take any jeepney or FX with the SSS village signage. They will take you to Panorama street in SSS village
  • From there, you can just walk towards the building of Secret Base
  • You may also opt to ride a tricycle
  • Complete address is DQ Building, Lilac corner Panorama street along Gen. E. San Diego street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City, Metro Manila 1811

You will see their signage outside the building

The cafe’s interiors are very creative and well thought of.  It will really attract people to pay a visit. You’ll see all kinds of games and characters in every corner of the place. I felt like a kid once again.exif_temp_image-1GIRC2506[2].jpgexif_temp_image-2

Here are some board games to choose from

The counter, here’s where you can order and borrow their costumes

More action figures

Some friendly reminders

That’s our little corner on the lower right

I know my boys will enjoy this place so I decided to bring them here. Little did I know, they will forget about me because they’re having so much fun. LOL!😂

The food has reasonable price, we ordered Captain and Ironman from the Dynamic Duo Basket for only Php 500. Our basket was colorful too and delicious, we were so full! So worth it for 2 1/2 persons.😊

They also offer shakes and price ranges from Php90 to Php100. Their rice meals are around Php100 to Php170.

We had fun playing dress up with these costumes. Kyle was so cute!

I honestly haven’t watched any Star Wars movie, but wearing this costume looked cool

Yes, we’re definitely 90’s kids! I love love Mario Brothers, that’s the only game I played when I was young. And now, Candy Crush. Haha!FGNL6186[1].jpg

Nope, I’m not a gamer. But when I saw my boys enjoying, I tried it myself and it was awesome! We’re definitely going back here!

And that was our game date today! For Php700, we enjoyed good food and 2 hours playing with the Play Station 4. We highly recommend this place for family bonding or just hanging out with your friends. I hope you guys will have fun as much as we did!

For more of our adventures and themed restaurant reviews, check out my Facebook page and website. Happy travels!☺️

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