I was planning a solo trip and thought of going to Mt. Pinatubo. Since the Crazy, Beautiful You movie; I’ve been looking forward to see the crater lake in person. So I posted in DIY Travel Philippines page and ask if there’s a group going there on a Sunday, and fortunately there was. So, I joined the awesome Girls of GoPro Philippines.😊

Tour costs Php 2,000. Here are the inclusions: 

  • Private Van (Manila-Tarlac-Manila)
  • 4×4 Jeep rental 
  • Local tour guide – max of 5 guests
  • All tourism fees (Entrance fee, registration fee, conservation fee, permit to trek)
  • Mandatory Aeta fee of Php150/person
  • Tour Arrangement 

Suggested things to bring: 

  • Cap/Umbrella/Handkerchief/Scarf
  • 1-2 Liters of Water
  • One valid ID
  • Extra clothes
  • Camera, powerbank
  • Personal Medicines, first aid kit, toiletries 
  • Garbage bag
  • Trail food or extra snacks that you may want to share with the Aeta kids
  • Ballpen
  • Extra cash
  • Packed lunch
  • Slippers

Suggested Trekking Outfit:

  • Trek shorts/pants
  • Dri fit clothes 
  • Sandals/Trekking shoes/Rubbershoes 

For those planning a DIY, here’s the transportation:

  • You can ride a Genesis or Victory Liner going to Olongapo or Baguio. Ask them to drop you off Capas Public Market. Bus fare is around Php 200, travel time is 2 hours.
  • From Capas Public Market, take a tricycle going to Sta. Juliana. Fare costs Php 300, good for 3 pax
  • Once in Sta. Juliana, you have to go to the Tourism office to register. And then hire a 4X4 jeep for Php 3,000. This is already good for 5 pax and will take you to the starting point of the hike to Mt.Pinatubo.


So, we left Mcdonald’s Quezon Ave almost 3AM. About 2 hours travel and then stop over at Dau. At 5:30AM, we arrived at Danny’s Tourist Camp Site.

We settled down and registered.

Some Aeta kids, will offer you a bamboo stick to help you with the hike for Php20. But it’s up to you if you want to buy one, we all did though.😊

Around 6:30AM, our 4×4 arrived and we started traveling to the crater. It was an hour and a half bumpy and sandy drive. It was awesome and heart pounding at the same time!

This was our 4×4 and my seatmates

The view that you will see while on a bumpy and sandy ride  

We had one stop over for picture taking and gave some snacks to the Aeta kids.   

And then at 8AM, we started our trek up to the crater lake.   

We had to rest every now and then because of the heat. I think it was 36 degrees yesterday, that’s why it’s very important to bring lots of water.

Our last rest before reaching the crater. I swear I monitored the time and it wasn’t 20 minutes, it was 30 minutes! Haha.😝

And then, after 2 hours total trek, we finally arrived!😎


It was really a breathtaking view, so beautiful!😍  

We rested for a bit after all the picture taking. Take note that the drinks and food there are super expensive. Cup noodles, bottled water, Gatorade, softdrinks and 1 pack of cigarette all cost Php100. 3-in-1 coffee costs Php50.

Then I saw one of my supervisors there as well.😊

We are so thankful to our local tour guide, kuya Arthur, for being patient with us.😊

By the way, you can use the toilet there for free. 

After eating and resting, we decided to go back. We started our descend at 11:30AM and reached the 4×4 at 1:15PM. We were faster. Yay!☺️

We can’t explain our happiness just seeing all the parked 4x4s! Yehey! We made it!!! πŸ˜‚

Around 3PM, we’re back at Danny’s campsite, had late lunch and showered. Shower costs Php50.

We left the location at 5PM, arrived Quezon Avenue at 7:30PM.

Whenever I travel alone, I’m really not alone. I meet people along the way and eventually become friends after. It was nice meeting you, girls! Until our next adventures!😊

For more of my adventures, check out my other blogs Althea’s Adventures.😎

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