First Time Visiting Sydney, Australia 

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I seriously don’t know where to start my blog because I’m so giddy to share my experience and there’s so much to say, but I will make this as fun and informative as possible.😊

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I’ve summarized 15 tips that can be useful for a first time visitor in Sydney, Australia:

1. Free Brochures/Maps – Get brochures from the airport, it has coupons with 20% off on some tourist attractions in Sydney. 

2. Opal Card – You can buy one at the train station or convenient store, it’s your ticket to travel around Sydney. The card itself doesn’t cost anything but you need to top up at least $10 AUD. You can use it for bus, train or ferry. $15 daily cap which means you can travel as much as you want for $15 a day (except to the airport)

3. TripViewLite – download this free app for schedules of bus, train and ferry. Available for Android and iPhone users. It’s easy to use and very helpful.😊

4. Transportation – Uber or taxi are expensive based on my experience, so I suggest for you to take the train or bus instead. Most people walk even at night since it’s very safe there.

Me walking on my way to my hostel at 7:00 PM with no worries.😉

5. Pedestrian – Be mindful of the stop lights. Push the button and wait for the green light before crossing the street.

6. Sydney Opera House – Go to the basement and buy coffee at the Opera Kitchen. Sit across the Harbour Bridge around 4:30 PM so you can catch the sunset. I promise, the view is spectacular! Add to your view are the seagulls playing around the area.

This video is everything that I was talking about❤️

7. Ferry Ride – On the way to Manly from Circular Quay, make sure to sit at the balcony of the ferry so you can experience the awesome view and fresh air. You may also ask someone to take a photo of you and pose like Rose in the Titanic movie and shout “I’m the queen of the world!”​ Although I didn’t do it because I’m alone, I enjoyed every minute of it.😊

The fast craft costs $7.80 AUD, they don’t accept Opal card.​​ Going back, I took the regular ferry using my Opal card.

And here’s the Manly Beach where you can surf during summer too

8. Blue Mountains – The view is breathtaking! Nature at its best! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes because there’s a lot of walking and hiking. You may also bring food and eat there.

9. Bondi Beach – Surf during summer! It was winter so I didn’t try as I might freeze to death.😂 But just chilling at the beach is a-okay! You can never go wrong with a beach view.

Also, be prepared to pose because they have nice wall arts.

10. Sydney Tower Eye – It’s part of the Madame Tussauds Best Deal package, but you can also go there and pay the entrance fee. You shouldn’t miss this! Go and see the sunset, the view is amazing up there!

I also suggest to take the Madame Tussauds Best Deal package,  you will enjoy 5 attractions for $72 AUD. Best to book online to avoid long lines.

  • Madame Tussauds 
  • SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
  • WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo
  • Sydney Tower Eye 
  • Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary

11. Snowy Mountains – During winter, I highly recommend for you to go to the Snowy Mountains. Kids and adults will love it! We booked our package through APSE Tours.

I found Olaf!☃️

My cousin and I played like kids☺️

At the Tube Town, I had to do it first and I was super happy!​​​​


We watched people ski too, it looks fun!

We saw this place that feels like we’re in the Narnia movie.

We were fortunate to see a rainbow!🌈

And of course, I had to do the snow angel pose☺️

Read more about my amazing experience here at Perisher: Snowy Mountains.

12. Walking Tours – A must do in Sydney is to join the walking tours! This is free and they work on tips of any amount. I’ve learned so much and didn’t even notice that we already walked for 2 1/2 hours. I’ll let them tell you the history of Sydney (it’s too long if I write everything here LOL) You may check their website at I’m Free Sydney.

Here are some places we’ve visited. I will let the photos speak for  itself.😊

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Queen Victoria Building

Sydney Tower

Forgotten Songs

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Major General Lachlan Macquarie statue

Our very informative tour guide😊

13. Featherdale Wildlife Park – There are different zoos in Sydney, but I chose this one because we can have close encounter and feed the kangaroos.

Baby kangaroo inside the pouch. Cute!

The bigger ones were in a bigger space. They’re as tall as me. Okay, I’m only 5’1, so not that tall😂

I was able to feed some of them😊

​And the Koalas! How cute are they?🐨

Get to know more about my new found friends here at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

14. Museums – Go to museums, especially the free ones. Here’s the list: 

I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and checked out some of the artwork. It is located at Circular Quay.

15. Food – Lastly, eat your heart out! Everyday is cheat day when in Sydney.😂 My cousin is pretty adventurous with food so she made me experience other cuisines. Except for the usual McDonald’s (when I’m alone), I had Lebanese, Indian, Australian, American, Japanese, Thai and Chinese plus super yummy deserts OMG! Too bad, I didn’t try their gelatos but I will be back for it!😊 A meal would range from $10 to $20 AUD.

Here are the estimated expenses:
$1 AUD = Php38.68SYD Expenses

During my 7 days stay in Sydney, I’ve realized that Australia is rich in almost everything! They have nice beaches, it snows during winter, beautiful mountains, the architecture is superb and classy, transportation system made it easy for people to go around, good coffee, delicious cuisines, and very accommodating people.

I can go on and on about how I loved it there but yeah, you must visit Australia and experience it’s beauty and culture! It can be a little expensive compared to visiting an Asian country, but I tell you it’s worth it!😊 If time and budget permits, I will bring my boys there or visit Melbourne too. There’s still so much to see and do!

I hope this blog helps for those who are planning their Sydney itinerary. For more of my adventures, please check out Althea’s Adventures. Happy Travels!✈️🇦🇺

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