We live in a tropical country where there’s no winter season, it’s just summer and rainy season. So, since I was a kid, it was my dream to experience snow. I didn’t even know that it will turn into reality at the age of 31! But hey, age is just a number! Now, let me share to you my Snowy Mountains adventure.☺️

When I booked my flight to Sydney for July, I already know that it’s winter and whatever happens, I need to go to the Snowy Mountains! I have been looking for ways to go there by ourselves but it seems impossible without your own car. So with the help of a friend, he was able to search for a day tour package at APSE Tours! Yay!!!😍 It’s for $99 AUD. I told my cousin about it and since it fits her schedule, she booked it!

We left Sydney at 11:50PM Friday night. Meeting place was near Town Hall station. It was a 5 hour bus ride. We stopped at the Arlberg Ski Center around 4:30AM to rent stuff to use at the Snowy Mountains. They also offered free snacks, coffee or tea. We opted for the Fun Pack which includes a jacket, pants, boots and toboggan for $40 AUD.  Then another hour to Smiggin Holes.  From Smiggin Holes, there’s a free shuttle that’s available every 10 minutes going to Perisher. And here we are! I was so happy and excited! My heart was filled with joy even though I was freezing at -1 degree celsius!😂😊☺️

Since there’s still few people at the moment, we went to the Tube Town & Toboggans.  I had to do it first! I was so excited!​😊I brought the wrong socks, my boots ate it. Haha! Okay, my cousin obviously made fun of me here.😂 And then we played like kids☺️ And my dream to do this snow angel thingy came true haha!I also formed a snow heart for my boys❤️ And we were fortunate to see a rainbow 🌈 I showed this to my son, Kyle, and he said “Mommy, rainbow means God keeps His promises.”😊 We walked around and saw this place that feels like we’re in the movie, Narnia. So beautiful!😍 And then, we had lunch. There are a lot of cafes there to choose from.  A lot of people were eating during lunch time, it’s hard to get a table. After lunch, we went back and played with the snow. It was snowing!😊 Now, we’re a bit tired. We were just watching people play. We also checked out the people skiing. Since it’s our first time to go here, we didn’t try it for security purposes. We will definitely do this activity next time.😊 Colorful skis I also saw a place where kids are taught how to ski. I thought of my boys when I saw these kids enjoying. On the way back, I saw Olaf!☃️ The officers were roaming to ensure the safety of everyone  We all have to be back by 3:00 PM because the bus leaves exactly 3:45 PM to Sydney. This was the situation inside the shuttle on the way back to Smiggin Holes. I guess everyone enjoyed, at the same time tired. This is Zoe, our tour guide. She is friendly and accomodating, she makes sure that you have everything you need, she’s very organized even the little details, and she’s the only tour guide I’ve met that is also concerned of the well being of the driver. She see to it that the driver gets to eat and have enough rest so that all passengers are safe. She also teach snowboarding. I like her.☺️ I had so much fun! I know it’s obvious in my photos and videos. So, for those of you going to Australia during winter, you really have to go here! Enjoy, have fun, act like kids! It’s so worth it!😊 I wish to go back with my boys and try skiing next time.⛷

For more of my Sydney adventures, you may visit my blog at Althea’s Adventures. Happy travels!😎

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