Inflatable Island Ph is indeed the biggest floating playground in Asia! Located just 3 hours away for Manila, this 3,400 square meters floating playground is packed with slides, swings, obstacles, trampolines should be in your bucket list this summer!😊


  • From Cubao, ride a bus (Victory or Genesis) going to Olongapo. Bus fare is Php 230-250 one way. Travel time 3-4 hours
  • From Olongapo, ride a blue jeepney near Chowking and ask the driver to drop you off at Inflatable Island. Jeepney fare is Php 9. Travel time 8-10 minutes
  • For those who will bring a car, just follow Waze


For booking, click here Inflatable Island Ph.

I suggest you book online because it’s Php 100 cheaper. We booked the 6:00AM slot for Splash for Php 699, which is 2 hour pass in the inflatable island but whole day at Samba Beach, Bali lounge and Floating zoo.

Upon entering, you’ll see the registration. There’s a window for Walk-ins and Online reservations.

Welcome, water babies!😎

Before heading to the beach, you will see lockers for rent (prices are shown above) Don’t leave your valuables unattended in the Bali lounge while you’re inside the inflatable island.

There will be a quick orientation before going to the Inflatable island, here are the island rules.

For girls, I suggest to wear a rashguard and board shorts. I love swim suits but in this scenario, better be safe or else your bikinis might fall off.😊

For those with GoPro or action camera, make sure you have a floater or wrist strap, we were told that a lot of GoPro were already lost in the inflatable island.

Once done with the orientation, they will ask you to sign a waiver then get your life vest. And you’re on the way to play!

Here’s the entry point, yes the struggle is real, friends😂

You need to do a lot of balancing, and forget about your poise for a few hours.😝

Bounce, bounce, bounce in the trampoline! (Sorry blurred pic, my GoPro didn’t cooperate)

Got tired of bouncing and jumping in the trampoline, rested for a minute haha!😂

More obstacles 

And then we went to the Tarzan swing which will land you to the water. And, there’s a lot of climbing too.

That’s me! Yihee!😂


Kaeser went up to the highest point where you can see the whole view of the inflatable island. Then, he jumped. Crazy!

It was slippery, so wrong landing.😂

Here’s the view from the top


  • Book the earliest slot, 6AM on weekends, as it gets very hot around 8AM. Also the later slots can be full so you will have to wait and take turns to enjoy each activity
  • Bring sunblock unless you want to get toasted
  • Proper attire – rashguard and board shorts
  • Bring GoPro or action camera, I don’t recommend to use your smartphones during the activities
  • Don’t remove your wrist tag
  • Life vest should always be on inside the Inflatable Island, but it’s not allowed in the Bali lounge

Inflatable Island – here you’ll feel the adrenaline rush, excitement, happiness while going through the challenges, but I tell you it is tiring! I think 2 hours is enough to go through everything, unless you have high endurance then go for the whole day haha!

Good thing there’s the Bali lounge. There are comfortable and colorful bean bags under cute umbrellas that you can rest on after a heart pumping activities. So colorful, looks really pleasing in the eyes. I love it!💛💖💜❤️💚💙

Relax and enjoy the view

By the way, don’t expect white sand here. Sand is grayish but pure.

Then we went to the Floating zoo. Too cute!

There are also super cute floaties displayed. This place is nothing but cuteness!😍

Official photographers are roaming around to take your photos. It will be printed in the photo booth and you can buy it for Php 100.

Bringing of food is allowed with a corkage fee. You can also buy food from the restaurants and food stalls.

They serve drinks with this little unicorn floatie😍

We had so much fun! This place is highly recommended for friends, family, team building or even for couples. You will enjoy it 100% guaranteed.☺️

Thank you to Zalora for my cute swimmies.☺️

For more of my adventures, you may check Althea’s Adventures or follow me on Instagram Althea Lopez. Happy travels!😎

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