Hong Kong-Macau Solo Travel

I've been wanting to travel outside of the country since I was a kid. Before, traveling abroad seemed to be expensive and only for rich people (perception). But since we already have social media, blogs and articles to read - our eyes are now open to the idea of traveling on a budget. Like for... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Bantayan Island

Northern Cebu has the best white sand beaches, and one of my favorite is Bantayan Island. For all you beach bums out there, like us, if you want to just chill at the beach, enjoy the clear waters and get a tan, I suggest you visit this island. It was amazing! Stayed there for 3 days.... Continue Reading →

Bangkok Thailand Birthday Trip

Last June 2015, I was thinking of where I want to go before my 30th birthday. I was thinking of the beach, as usual. And then I saw Cebu Pacific's international promos, round trip ticket was only Php2,500. Yay! That's August 18-22, 2015. 🙂 When planning, I always consider the itinerary based on the nearest... Continue Reading →

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