MIST is a new restaurant located at Panglao Circumferential Road in Panglao, Bohol. They just launched in October 2020. Operating hours are Monday to Sunday, 10:30AM to 9PM. They are starting to be popular, even the celebrities and influencers are visiting when they’re in Bohol.

This is definitely a must visit restaurant when you’re in Panglao! I have to say, I love their interior design, the furniture, the food, the staff and the ambiance. I feel like I was in Bali!

To start with, you can choose where you want to be seated. They have 3 floors, but, I think the first floor’s furniture is the best.

I love this chair! Obviously I chose this LOL

This one is pretty cool too! Swing while eating, why not?

Dining area for a larger group

There are more dining designs that I was not able to take a photo of because people are eating (I don’t want to look like a stalker taking photos LOL), but, you can see it in the vlog.

Their menu is from an iPad. At first, I thought it’s going to be super expensive because the place is well designed. But hey, the food price are decent!

I ordered Baby Back Ribs for PHP559 and it’s good for sharing. Kyle got the Sizzling Chicken Teriyaki for PHP215, no photo because he ate it right away.

They have what they call a MIST Blind Box, it’s like a mystery box. You’ll pick a card and pay only PHP99 for any food you get.

We got a Salt & Pepper Ribs. We had so much food, we weren’t able to order dessert LOL.

And it will be delivered by this monkey masked man (like the guys in the Lazy song music video), so cool!

They have a new menu called MIST Surf & Turf, got the photo from their Facebook page. I wanted to try this but I don’t think we can finish it.

This place is family and pet friendly too! They have some activities for children like this slide upon entering the restaurant

We also enjoyed this huge hammock on the second floor. Oh you guys know how much I love hammocks!

No need to reserve prior going, but here’s the contact number for your reference 0995-0692557

You may also watch our vlog about this place, forward to 12:18 – https://youtu.be/IOjtRqUwbeI

We had a great time and will definitely dine in again when we come back to Bohol! To read about our Bohol adventure, you may click this blog – Bohol New Normal Travel Guide

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