One fine Saturday morning, after work, Kaeser asked me to go on a breakfast date with him. It was just supposed to be in Antipolo, but then, he remembered I sent him info of this new cafe in Tagaytay that I want to visit and he told me we’ll go there instead. Oh my heart skipped a bit! When I saw Greenhouse Cafe on Facebook, I immediately listed it on my “To Go Cafes” this 2020, and so it happened!

The cafe is just a month old. The owner had an events business, however, due to pandemic, their business was affected as well. Being a plant lover, he decided to build this amazing place for everyone to enjoy. The cafe is located on Enrile street, 420 Tagaytay City, you can easily find them in Waze. They are open daily, Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Please note that you need to make a reservation prior going, you may message them through their Facebook page or contact them via mobile at 0918-6969976.

It’s a fairly small place, and for me, it’s perfect because it’s cozy and not crowded. The more you will enjoy the serenity of the place.

This is what will welcome you when you enter the cafe. Such a beauty! My eyes didn’t know where to look first

My dream plant captured my heart! I shouted and asked Kaeser to take a photo of me ASAP! (Even though we’re hungry, a photo can’t wait lol)

The Queen – Monstera Deliciosa!!!

Do I look happy? No! I look like a crazy woman who wants to bring this giant plant home!

To add to that, there’s not just one, but two or three huge Monstera Deliciosa in the cafe! So, so beautiful!

Their exotic plant collection is every plantita’s dream! Here are some of their plants, please note that I don’t know all their names, so I’ll just be posting photos. Enjoy!

Who will not love dining in this place?

And, because the food was so good, we weren’t able to take a photo of it lol (it’s in the vlog though). We ordered two cheesy quesadillas, aglio olio, grilled Hungarian sausage with garlic rice, and hot chocolate.

And my favorite mango shake (oh, Miss Monstera Deliciosa is peaking at my back)

Here’s the menu for your reference:

Can I just add? Even their wash area and comfort room is so nice! Look at this huge Macrame wall hanging, almost same as the one I did for my terrace at home

There are dried Eucalyptus everywhere and it smells so good!

Love these too…

It was such an awesome experience! Just wow! I love the all the plants, the interior design, the ambience, the food, and friendly staff. Highly recommended! I’ll be back here with my family/friends for sure!

Here’s the cafe tour:

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing this. For more of my adventures, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Stay safe everyone!

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