La Union Weekend: Sol Arena Resort

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I’ve been to San Juan, La Union many times since 2013 to surf. Read about my first surfing experience here – La Union Surf Trip. And last month, I have been thinking of going back. From my Facebook and Instagram feed, I noticed that San Juan, La Union has been a go-to place especially during summer. With that, it’s usually crowded on weekends and we don’t feel like going with the crowd this time. So, last weekend, we took the road less traveled. We booked an overnight stay at Sol Arena Resort, we were there from Sunday to Monday. This resort is not crowded, there were no televisions in the rooms and no loud music – just pure chill. We just relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the place.

We left our house around 5:00 AM, it was a 3 1/2 hours travel time via car. What’s more exciting is that, Tucker came with us! Yes, pets are allowed at Sol Arena Resort!

I tried to get a cute photo, but this one was sleepy, as usual

We arrived around 9:30 AM, fortunately, there’s an available room already so we were able to check in early! We booked a Seaside room and it’s just perfect for us four! 🙂

Look at our view from our room!

After settling in our room, we had lunch and this was our view

A little rest for the boys, since they were full from lunch

I strolled around the resort while the boys were resting. I saw some pretty Plumeria flowers and I can’t resist to take some photos!

Swimming time!

We wish Tucker jumped in the pool with us but he’s not allowed

We played frisbee

There was a hammock near the pool

We moved to the beach to experience the sunset

I ordered halo-halo, perfect for the weather!

This was Tucker’s first overnight trip in a resort, and I’m telling you he had a lot of fun roaming and running around the beach!

They continued playing frisbee by the shore

Tucker tried to swim at the beach too but he was scared of the waves LOL

There was a rock formation, and we went up to get a better view of the sunset. It was so nice!!!

Kyle was swimming in the pool and didn’t want to go, so we just took Tucker with us

The photo didn’t give much justice, but it was a pinkish, purplish, orange sunset

Around 6:00 PM, we changed clothes for dinner. I’m not good with taking food photos. But we ordered, buttered shrimp, ensaladang talong, grilled tilapia. By the way, at lunch, we ordered siningang na hipon and grilled liempo. The serving is good for 2-3 people and it was good! They only cook the food once you ordered, so it may take a while for it to be served. Tip: better to order in advance. Meal for 3 pax is approximately PHP 800-1000 with rice and drinks.

After dinner, we had bonfire! Bonfire is free, you just have to request it to the front desk. We just gave the kuya a little tip for setting the bonfire for us

The next day, I woke up earlier than the boys. I walked by the beach and took advantage of this spot since I had the beach all to myself!

Breakfast is included in the room, so when the boys woke up, we had pancakes and silog meal for breakfast.

Then, they joined me here…

Tucker started playing around the sand

Last dip in the pool before we go

I took this liflet upon check out, I found out that they also offer day tours

It was a fun and chill weekend indeed at Sol Arena Resort. I’ve listed all the resort information and transportation for your reference. Enjoy!

Resort Information:


  • The place can be found in Waze or Google maps
  • For commuters, from Cubao, you may take a Partas or Dominion bus going to Vigan. Bus fare is around PHP 390 – PHP 400
  • Drop off at Caba Plaza
  • At Caba Plaza, take a tricycle going to the resort. Tricycle fare is PHP 40 for 3 persons

Room Rates: (click the room name to see photos)

  • Seaside – PHP 3,500 per night. Can fit 2 guests and has 1 toilet and bath, air-conditioned, balcony with ocean view. It is across the beach, near the restaurant and pool.
  • Cabaña – PHP 4,500 per night. Can fir 4-5 guests. Air-conditioned with 1 toilet and bath, garden view. The room is across the pool and restaurant. Perfect for small groups.
  • Casa Blanca -PHP 5,000 per night. Can fit up to 6 guests and is perfect for big families. It has 1 toilet and bath, air-conditioned room in front of garden area.
  • Balay – PHP 8,000 per night. It’s a 2 bedroom cottage which can fit up to 8 people With its own kitchen and dining area, overlooking the ocean.
  • Placa Romana – PHP 15,000. It’s a 3 bedroom villa with 2 toilet and bath. Room can fit up to 12 people, with its own kitchen and dining area.

Thank you for reading the blog, I hope you consider this resort when planning your summer getaway! For more of my adventures, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Happy travels! 🙂

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