IKEA is finally here in the Philippines! My designer heart jumped with joy and excitement when I found out about it! They started opening to the public last November 25, 2021. They are located at SM Mall of Asia. You may park at the IKEA building or at the mall for faster parking.

Before you pay a visit, you must book a slot. Due to the COVID-19 situation, they want to make sure that the guests’ safety is their priority. To avoid crowds during opening, they invite people to the store with pre-booked slots. Use this link to reserve your time slot.

This is how the QR code looks like, and they will scan it upon entry.

We were advised to eat first before looking around and shop, and so we did. For dine-in at the Swedish Restaurant, fully vaccinated adults 18 years old and above are allowed. They require customers to present their vaccination cards upon entry.

There’s a long line to the restaurant. Waiting time is usually 2 hours, but overall, we were in line for about an hour.

You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We wore jackets because it’s a bit cold inside.

There were a lot of visitors on a Tuesday, or maybe because it’s a holiday and they just opened.

Here’s their best sellers

You have to get a trolley and pick your own orders. Here’s ours. All these costs only PHP1,022. Not bad at all!

My top picks: Swedish Meatballs, Marinated Salmon and Crunchy Almond Chocolate cake!

After eating, we shop! Or window shop LOL! There are yellow shopping bags and trolleys that you can borrow.

Outside the restaurant, you’ll see children stuff.

And then, the showroom. OMG! I cannot contain my excitement. I feel like I didn’t take much photos because it’s a bit crowded in the showrooms, but you’ll see more in the vlog. Here are some photos and pick your peg!

Living Room:

Dining Room:


Bedroom: (I took photos mostly for kid’s)

Home Office:


They also have IKEA for Business. Here’s a Nail Spa design and it looks so cozy!

Bike Shop peg:

Lights and Rattan Stuff: (My personal favorite)

That’s all the photos I have. Mind you, my phone battery died since I used it for taking photos and videos (and I didn’t bring a powerbank: epic fail). You’ll see more of our IKEA experience here in the vlog.

If you’re still scared to be in the crowd and want to shop online, you can shop here. You may also sign up to be a member and get benefits and rewards, see information here – IKEA Family

I hope you enjoyed reading/watching and you’ll pretty much have an idea of what to do or buy if you’re planning to visit IKEA! We will be back for sure, hopefully there will be less crowd and more time for us. It took us 3 1/2 hours there with 11,000 steps, and we didn’t even shop that much! Overall, it was a great experience!

For more of my adventures, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Stay safe everyone!

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