Sweetness is my weakness! Ever since I was a little kid, I have a sweet tooth. I love donuts, ice cream and chocolates! And when I found out that there’s a museum for desserts, I told myself I have to go!

The Dessert Museum is located at the ground floor of S Maison at Conrad Manila, beside Mall Of Asia. Ticket price is Php 699 for online booking and Php 799 for walk-in. The ticket includes 2 hours tour on 8 dessert themed rooms, 15 mins each room. Aside from enjoying the colorful rooms, you get 6 free desserts. How sweet is that? You can book your tickets online at The Dessert Museum.

Here’s where you can buy tickets and register

They will give you this Pink Passport

And wristbands

And then, the entrance. By the looks of it, I’m already craving!exif_temp_image-81

Here are the 8 Dessert Themed Rooms:

1. Donut Room

The first room and it looks so delicious!

Can you tell that we love donuts?

Yes, I’m a mom and will turn 33. But I feel so young in here 🙂BHCR3885

I’m inside a donut!

Kyle met a new friend

2. Marshmallow Room

Not a fan of marshmallows but this room looks so refreshing.

There’s a free marshmallow and you can choose between strawberry or chocolate dip

And a perfect candy rainbow

3. Candy Cane Room

Before you enter this room, you have to choose between nice or naughty. Guess what I chose?

Guess what? Of course naughty, only because it’s pink haha!

This has got to be one of my favorite room because there’s so much to do

Fly away with the swing

Oh and the hearts, there’s a lot of them

Every place is Instagrammable

Kaeser showed off how high he can jump!

Of course, a seesaw is always a good idea

Blue and Pink

Got some sweets before going to the next room

4. Ice Cream Room

Upon entering this room, first thing that came into my mind was the movie Up

Free ice cream! Ube and Avocado flavor

We flying!

5. Bubble Gum Room

We love bubbles!

Kyle definitely enjoyed here, although he wish to stay longer

6. Gummy Bear Room

Kaeser’s favorite room

He has a thing for gummy bears, he can eat it everyday!

Cute floor decoration

Kyle chillin’exif_temp_image-73

All kinds of gummy bears everywhere

Free gummies

Colors, balloons, huge gummy bear. What more can I ask for? Happy kid!

7. Cotton Candy Room

This must be the pinkest room ever! I was in awe of all the pink cotton candies in the room

Free cotton candy


Oh, my favorite color. What else to do but take photos everywhere! Too sweet!

8. Cake Pop Room

Huge cake pops!

So many colors

This was supposed to be a basketball but this guy just had to do it

And what’s the best way to end the tour? Basketball! The boys enjoyed it.PNEF9253

Free cake pops just before exiting

After the last room, you can buy cute stuff like these tumblers.

We really enjoyed our stay there. I thought bringing the boys was a bad idea but Kyle was happy playing with the kids and Kaeser enjoyed every dessert Haha! As for me, I loved posing for the camera in every room LOL. This place is so worth it, go and visit them guys!

How to get there?

  • The address is searcheable in Waze
  • From Cubao, ride the MRT and drop off at Taft station
  • From Taft station, ride a jeepney Mall of Asia, fare is Php 8
  • From Mall of Asia, just walk towards the MOA Eye, the museum is located across it

For more of my adventures, you may follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Happy travels! 🙂

2 Replies to “The Dessert Museum”

  1. Sweetness is my weakness too! I really enjoyed this post 🙂 you have a lovely blog!


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