Valley Of Colors | La Trinidad, Benguet

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My mom resides in Benguet, and we usually pay her a visit every year. She used to live just 5 minutes away from Mine’s View but recently moved near the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. Yesterday, while passing through the Hanselma Highway, these colorful houses welcomed me and caught my attention.

These La Trinidad houses were turned into huge, vibrant artwork. It is called the “Valley of Colors”, and now considered as one of the newest tourist attraction near Baguio City. I was informed that it is inspired by the favelas of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. I highly recommend you to see its beauty because it’s so Instagrammable!😊

They started working on this project in January 18, 2016 and it took around 80 days to finish just in time for the unveiling of the activity. There were 180 houses and three sitios in Barangay Balili that were transformed, these are Stone Hill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap. Of course we had to take photos with it😊

Davies Paints provided 2,800 gallons of colored paints for free! Yes, that’s really generous of them!☺️ The Tam-Awan Village artists designed the project. And their main theme was the sunflower since they mentioned that it was full of sunflowers before. The residents of the villages, local artists, police trainees, and members of some volunteer groups helped in creating this amazing artwork. Nicely done!😊

I also learned that the Department of Tourism is planning to replicate this project in Quirino Hill, Baguio City. And that is three times wider than Barangay Balili. I can’t wait for it!☺️


Transportation From Baguio City to La Trinidad, Benguet:

  • Private Car – Just use the Waze app and put the La Trinidad Benguet as the location you’re heading to. Once you see the welcome arch of La Trinidad, you will see the Valley of Colors on the right side of the road. Travel time is less than 30 minutes
  • Taxi – This is the easiest way to go there by commute. Taxi fare is around Php100.00
  • Jeepney – From Baguio City, go to the La Trinidad Jeepney Terminal station. Ask them of the jeepney that will pass by the “Valley of Colors”. Jeepney fare is Php 8.50

For more of my adventures, check out Althea’s Adventures. Travel often!☺️

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