I have been traveling almost every month since August of 2013 and I thought of creating a travel blog but I was too lazy. Yesterday, I shared our Southern Cebu Itinerary at DIY Travel Philippines group in Facebook and it felt good. People were asking me some information and found our itinerary useful. I told myself, I want to help my fellow travelers to enjoy the beauty of traveling. This will also serve as my travel diary so when I get old, I can show this to my future grand children. Hehe. πŸ™‚

So, here’s my first travel blog. Our Southern Cebu Adventure last October 24-27, 2015. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

We’ve been to Bantayan Island, Cebu last April, but since there’s so much to do and see in Cebu, we decided to go back. This time, to do more adventure in Southern Cebu. Since I’m a member DIY Travel Philippines Facebook group, I got curious with Canyoneering and researched more about it. My friend gave me their itinerary and contact person for Canyoneering. Aside from that, we also want to experience swimming with the Whale sharks in Oslob and see Tumalog Falls.

Our flight was supposed to be at 11 AM with Cebu Pacific, but a day before the flight, they emailed and said that it will be moved to 4:45 PM. Amazing isn’t it? I already planned to have a day tour in Cebu City on our first day (Taoist Temple, Magellan’s Cross, Metropolitan cathedral, Heritage of Cebu monument, Skywalk Cebu) but we were not able to. We arrived in Cebu at around 6:00 PM. Upon arrival to Cebu, we just checked in and had dinner then sleep.

Day 2 – We got up early morning to travel to Oslob. We took a cab going to the South Terminal bus station and took Ceres Bus going to Oslob. It was a 3 hour ride so we want to be early to enjoy the activities. The whale shark watching is only until noon. Upon checking in the beach house, we asked the care taker if she knows someone who can take us to the whale shark and Tumalog Falls. We paid Php300 per person for the habal-habal or motorbike.

Unfortunately, we left the GoPro at home so we had to rent an underwater camera there. It costs Php550 – unlimited shots from the boatman and they will burn it in a CD. (This explains why the pictures were not so awesome) 12189802_1175953309099781_3357475916952881321_n


Tumalog Falls. Super cold water and amazing view.12189717_1175953095766469_2428961595440539588_n


After our lunch, we decided to just chill at the beach. πŸ™‚12043149_1174985999196512_5263977288104816886_n

On our 3rd day, we were very excited to experience Canyoneering. We took Ceres Bus going to Alegria and met with our Canyoneering guide, kuya Arniel. First, you have to go to the Tourism office to log your names and then changed clothes. Good thing, we were able to rent a GoPro for Php750. Then, we got our helmet and life jacket (thankfully it’s pink and I love it. LOL). Hike, swim and jump – that’s what’s going to happen. First jump was 15 feet. For me, it wasn’t so scary as I did 15 meters cliff dive in Boracay (will blog about it soon too). After the first jump, it’s just pure awesomeness. The water was so clear, the place was just beautiful. It will go for about 3 hours. Last jump was 30 feet, but if you’re not that courageous, you can take a different path. The last part was more of hiking going to Kawasan Falls. If I rate the experience, it’s a 9/10! πŸ™‚

Tips: You must wear a rash guard, comfortable shorts or leggings and rubber/aqua shoes. This is important as there are rocky and slippery parts in the area, so safety first. Also, bring water or snacks. The hike is tiring and you will definitely be hungry or thirsty. There’s a store before the 30 feet jump, so you can bring money and just buy food there. πŸ™‚ 12189543_1175609289134183_39028215121107333_n   

Of course we got so tired and hungry so we had lunch after. After lunch, we decided to not take the bus anymore but have Kuya Arniel and the other guide bring us to Moalboal. There are a lot of resorts there, mostly for diving, but at the moment we just want to chill at the beach and see some sea turtles. We rented a boat for Php 1,200 with 3 guides. We went to the sardine and turtle sanctuary. We actually saw 3 big sea turtles, unfortunately there was no underwater camera for rent there so no picture. But here’s a photo of Moalboal beach. 

Below was our itinerary and the expenses during this trip. Hope this helps. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Southern Cebu itinerary

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