So, there’s been promo fare or seat sale here and there. Sometimes it’s announced and sometimes it’s a surprise. Who doesn’t want to save from airfare? I guess none. For example, a Manila – Tokyo – Manila round trip tickets usually cost Php 20,000 – Php 25,000. With Cebu Pacific Air‘s piso fare, you can book it for Php 2,400 roundtrip, that’s a 90% discount!

Would you believe me if I tell you that every time there’s a seat sale with Cebu Pacific Air or Air Asia, I always get to book? YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! It might be luck or I’m just really persistent. I never miss a piso fare! Haha! 🙂

This was booked just this year with Cebu Pacific Air‘s promo fares!

  • Manila-Tagbilaran = Php 800
  • Manila-Bali-Manila = Php 4,800 (not piso fare)
  • Manila-Singapore-Manila = Php 2,600
  • Manila-Osaka-Manila = Php 2,400
  • Manila-Dumaguete = Php 590
  • Iloilo-Manila = Php 590

And since I’m nice and I always want to help my fellow travelers travel on a budget, I’ll share with you some tips on booking for promo fares or piso fare based on my experience:


  • Follow all the Facebook pages and subscribe to all local airlines so you’ll be notified of the promo fares
  • Book as early as possible like 12:00 AM. The website slows down later part of the day, even after an hour of the announcement.
  • Book one way first – better chances of getting the date that you want
  • You have more chances of getting the seat sale if you’re booking for one or two persons
  • Make sure to have your travel buddy’s information handy
  • Pre-list the destination that you really want to go to
  • Manila to your destination is cheaper than going back to Manila. Flights to Manila from your destination is usually more expensive
  • Using a debit or credit card has better chances of it being confirmed
  • If you have a PayPal account, payment is faster
  • If you see a seat sale, grab it! Don’t think twice because it gets sold out fast!


  • Most of the seat sale are non-transferable and non refundable, if you’ll re-book it would cost more than what you originally paid for
  • I’ve experienced some schedule changes or cancellation with promo fares. In case that happens, you can request for a refund or re-routing option for domestic.

I hope this blog helps! For more of my travel tips and adventures, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Happy travels! 🙂

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