I have always been curious of the islands in Zambales. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from the travel groups and my friends about Anawangin, Potipot Island, Nagsasa Cove and Silangin Cove. One of my agents posted her birthday getaway in Silangin Cove and I loved the place. It was quiet and only a few people go there. She gave me the boatman’s contact number – Carlito/Alice 0929-432-3081 and I contacted them. 

We planned to go to Silangan Cove, and the package costs Php3,500 for two with these inclusions:

  • Pick up/drop off from town proper
  • Boat ride
  • Tent
  • Mineral Water
  • Cooler with ice
  • Kitchen Utensils (only for cooking)
  • Wood for bonfire
  • Island fees
  • Island tour to Camara and Capones

After work, Saturday, we went to Victory Liner Cubao around 8:00 AM, unfortunately, there’s no more bus going to Iba, Zambales and Olonggapo. So, we looked for any bus going to Olonggapo across Aurora Blvd.


  • Bus fare from Cubao to Olonggapo is Php207. It was a 3-4 hours bus ride.
  • From Olonggapo, we took a bus going to San Antonio Zambales for an hour which costs Php48
  • Tricycle going to the the beach
  • Boat ride for an hour going to Nagsasa Cove

Upon arrival at San Antonio, we bought food that we can cook at the supermarket then tricycle driver picked us up to go to Ate Alice’s place. They organized the things that we need to bring (kitchen utensils, mineral water, cooler with ice, tent). While waiting, they informed us that the waves going to Silangan Cove is pretty high at the moment so they were not allowed to bring guests there. They offered us Nagsasa Cove instead for Php1,200 per person with the same inclusions. It was quite expensive since there’s only two of us in the boat but we agreed anyway.

It was an hour boat ride to Nagsasa Cove and this guy can’t stop staring at me LOL😂

We arrived at Nagsasa Cove around 2:00 PM. Here’s our beach camp

Our accomodation for the night

The beach around 4:00 PM

We took a dip in the water while waiting for the sun to set. Water was clean and clear but a bit rocky.

And then, the beautiful sunset 

The people at the beach camp helped us cook dinner. We had adobo and rice. We ate before it got dark since there was no electricity in the area. We made sure to bring flashlights and powerbank to charge our cellular phones. Take note that there’s ZERO signal in the area for all networks.

After dinner, we tried to set up our bonfire. Actually, almost everyone there did. And then just talked for a few hours under the stars without any gadgets. It was a nice experience.😊

The morning after, Kaeser cooked breakfast! Hotdog, fried rice and some adobo from last night. While I took selfies at the beach haha!😎

We rested for a while after breakfast and then hiked to see the view of Nagsasa Cove. It was a 30 minutes hike but all worth it! Just look at that view!

We were all sweaty going down as it was scorching hot! So we decided to swim and chill at the beach.

We rented a paddle board for Php100 per hour

And I paddled as far as I can

Since I got tired of paddling, I decided to rest in my hammock while waiting for the island hopping

At noon, boatman picked us up to go to Camara Island before going home. This was our final destination.

Camara Island from the boat 

The water here was clearer than Nagsasa Cove

Played with the sand❤

We stayed for about an hour to swim and go around the island. After that, we went back to Ate Alice’s place to take a shower then back to Manila.

It was our first travel together and we enjoyed every bit of it. We also want to visit other islands in Zambales soon! For those who are asking, you can go to Nagsasa Cove for a cheaper price if you’ll go as a group. And of course, there are a lot of groups in DIY Travel Philippines offering this tour so better grab it!😊

Summer is fast approaching, go check other places that I’ve been to if you’re planning your beach trip this summer! Click Althea’s Adventures. Enjoy!😎

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