FANTASTIC CHEF (Unlimited Korean BBQ)

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Who’s crazy over Korean BBQ like me? Here’s another discovery! Galmegi or now known as Fantastic Chef, offers authentic Korean dishes. They are located at 590 Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila.

Galmegi was opened last August 2017 and changed its name into Fantastic Chef last January 16, 2019. They want Filipinos to experience Korea by being served with authentic Korean foods intently prepared by Chef Jang Jungyun, a Michelin awardee and one of Korea’s A-list chefs. The Michelin star is the most desired award of every chef all over the world. It is considered as the highest honor and is only given to those outstanding chefs in recognition to them being unparalleled for excellence within the International Culinary industry.

They are open daily from 11:00 AM to 6:00 AM the next day. We arrived around 3:45 PM, we were told the best time to go is between 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. True enough, people started coming after 4:00 PM.

Fantastic Chef offers two packages: Unlimited pork & chicken for PHP 499 and unlimited pork, chicken, and beef – PHP 549

They offer 13 flavors of meat:

  • Pork – Skirt Meat, Rack, Jowls Meat, Cheek, Seasoned Pork Neck, Pork Belly, Thin Pork Belly, Spicy Pork Bulgogi
  • Chicken – Seasoned Chicken BB, Spicy Chicken BBQ
  • Beef – Beef Plate, Seasoned Beef Plate, Beef Bulgogi

Included in the package are 9 side dishes. They have cabbage kimchi, lettuce kimchi, coleslaw salad, pickled radish, japchae, fish cake, steamed egg, and tofu stew. Plus the fresh lettuce and rice. I super duper love their cheese! Cheese is combined with milk, mozzarella and a secret ingredient. The best I’ve tasted so far!!

Ah so yummy!

We’re so happy to meet Fantastic chef herself, Chef Jang Jungyun. She even did a Korean heart (and I copied her)

Every now and then, they offer promo so make sure to follow their Facebook page – Fantastic Chef. Here’s their latest promo:

Fantastic Chef Promo:

  • For every group of four, one person is FREE!!!
  • Minimum of four (4) people per table
  • If a group of 6 or 7 people eats at Fantastic Chef and avail this promo, only 1 still gets to eat for free
  • If a group of 8 or 12 dines at Fantastic Chef, they will get 2 or 3 people to eat for free respectively
  • Latecomers are not allowed in the group
  • Promo runs until July 31, 2019, 11AM – 4PM daily. Last call will be at 3:30PM


  • The restaurant can be found on Waze or Google Maps
  • Via commute from Pasay/Taft/Buendia – Ride a jeepney going to Divisoria, get off at Remedios. Walk for about 5 minutes to Remedios Circle (fountain at the center) and look for Fantastic Chef signage
  • Via commute from Quiapo/Espana – Ride a jeepney or FX going to Buendia, get off at Remedios. Walk for about 5 minutes to Remedios Circle (fountain at the center) and look for Fantastic Chef signage

Watch our experience here:

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