Unlimited Korean BBQ: Over Flowers BBQ

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I’ve been seeing posts about this trending Korean BBQ everywhere, maybe because Korea’s culture has influenced the Filipinos. From the K-POP music, Korean drama, Korean beauty and skin care products, and Korean food.

One day while walking, I saw this new Korean restaurant called Over Flowers BBQ. Since I was curious, I told Kaeser about it and the next day we tried the famous Korean BBQ. It is located at 112 Felix Ave. Cainta, Rizal. They are open from 11:00 AM – 4:00 AM.

Here’s the menu:

We actually tried to dine in a Korean restaurant in Baguio a year ago, but I didn’t understand it at the time and I didn’t really eat since we went in a large group. But when we were at Over Flowers BBQ and they started serving it, I was in awe and wondering – how do we finish all these? LOL.

Kaeser taught us the proper way of eating it. My little boy, Kyle, won’t do it with lettuce so he got rice. Our favorites were Beef Bulgogi and Spicy Beef.

And then, we started grilling. Did I mention that I loved the grilling part?

We enjoyed the overall experience! The food was delicious!!! We will definitely go back, or try other Korean BBQ restaurants too. Maybe the samgyeopsal or samgyupsalamat next time, in preparation of our Seoul trip next year! :)

We didn’t take a lot of photos but we vlogged about it, watch our full experience here:


I hope you enjoyed and maybe you can visit them too if you’re near the are. For more of my food trips and adventures, you can check out my website Althea’s Adventures. You can also follow my Facebook page and Instagram. 🙂

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