Last weekend, we were invited to visit Balay Hilom Spa. It is located at FBR Building, Katipunan just across Ateneo de Manila University.

Balay Hilom Spa is a local spa that focuses on spreading indigenous healing traditions of Philippine provinces, particularly Visayas and Mindanao. From their, traditional hilot to their more unique Dagdagay, they offer their clients a cultural and healing experience. Thus, Balay Hilom also means “House of Healing”.

This is what will welcome you once you get in the spa, so sereneBZZS6301

We’re so ready to relax! 🙂PIVP9455.JPG

Services the Offer:IMG_2588IMG_2589IMG_2590IMG_2591IMG_2592

The daily journey of Ifugao tribesmen hiking up and down the mountainside of the Cordilleras has inspired the Dagdagay or Kolkolot, a ritual originally performed by children to help soothe the tired legs of their fathers.

After soaking your feet in holok or herbs, the Dagdagay follows the principles of acupressure, wherein we use two runos (rattan sticks) to stimulate the nerve endings of the sole in order to treat kimminal (muscle cramps) and gang-ngo (rheumatism), and to cleanse and rejuvenate your legs after a hard day’s work.XYEQ0198.JPG

This rainy season, it’s best to enjoy their complimentary cup of our heirloom tea, a brew of organic, locally sourced ingredients from a recipe passed down through generations. I super love the taste, not too sweet or bitter, just perfect for me!GKOX5984.JPG

We tried their signature massage which is the Hilot Balay Hilom.

Last year, the Quezon City Tourism Department included Balay Hilom Spa as one of the 75 places to visit in Quezon City! How can you miss this place? 🙂

It was an amazing experience! I love the tranquil ambiance, the friendly staff, their heirloom tea, and the unique spa experience. We’ll surely be back to try other services they offer. For reservations, you may contact them at 0927 535 8380.MBSO7970.JPG

How to get there?

  • If you have a car, just put FBR Building in Waze and you’re all set
  • Via commute, take the LRT 2 to Katipunan Station
  • From there, take the North exit and cross through the overpass
  • 10-15 minutes walk to get to the FBR Building, right across Ateneo De Manila University
  • Landmarks are Yellow Cab and BPI Katipunan

That was a relaxing adventure for me! For more of my food, spa and travel adventures, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Happy travels! 🙂

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