Who would’ve thought that you can go to 8 destinations in one day for only Php 999? Yes, it’s possible with 8D/1D TOUR Challenges! Travel from Batangas to Cavite with no worries as they will take care of you all the way! Read through the blog and you’ll see! πŸ˜Š


1. Marian Orchard – This is the first time that I’ve heard of this place. I learned that it is a prayer park that was started by Lazaro L. Katigbak in 1986.ESZZ0713.jpg

There’s a church LNLW7564.jpgQPHE7401.jpg

Basically, the place is really peaceful and quietLLEU9006.jpgQSYQ4191.jpgKNNY0906

2. Taal Heritage Town – What’s interesting about going around Taal Heritage Town is seeing the heritage houses that allow people to travel back in time. Same feeling that I felt last week when I was in ViganHCVQ8180DWTC5380IAGA9731

3. Taal Basilica – Located at Taal Heritage town, it is known as Asia’s biggest Catholic Church.XVAG0463GTCR3956

4. Villa Jovita – Now, this is a place to relax. You can go swimming as it’s part of the tour. This is also where you’ll have your lunch. PLJE6695.jpg

I wish there were more umbrellas 😊GDPJ7915

My son killed it! LOLCPPY4525

The pool looks so inviting, with a lake and the nature as your view. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring clothes for swimmingEIKD6240WLHJ5671

This was our kubo while having lunchJQXT2926

5. Fantasy World – It is an abandoned theme park located in Lemery, Batangas. It was built back in 2001. There were a lot of speculations about this abandoned theme park. Some say that it was supposed to be the Disneyland in the Philippines, some say that the Japanese businessman who used to own this couldn’t secure all the funds needed to finish everything that’s why it was half built.

The place is still well-maintained by the home owners association. They use the entrance fee collected from the visitors to maintain the theme park.

Kyle and I were really excited even before entering πŸ˜Š


Still looks grand!KJEM6158.jpg

We went up to the tower to see the awesome view. It was super high but worth it! (I got scared LOL)GFND9478.jpeg

Here are the four couples in the tour. Yes, Kyle and I are a couple now haha!JJFH7958.jpg

Tree HouseQILB6640.jpgFJPD3451

The rides are not operational, just for photo op

To view more photos for your reference, please click Fantasy WorldOWRN7778

6. The Gingerbread House – This place is the perfect tourist destination for family and friends since Christmas is just around the corner. This was our favorite destination among the eight. You may view more photos and read the full detailed travel guide here. πŸ˜Š


Teddy Bear! So hug-gable!WKMP2053

Play time! πŸ˜Š

Their cafe with super yummy sweets!JIQL6414

Click Gingerbread House to see more photos.

7. Diner’s Original Bulalo – One serving of bulalo good for 3-4 pax is Php 650. We didn’t really dine here, I just took a photo of their signage for your reference. They said they also have the best buco pie for Php 200.😊TFEJ8924RUOM0772 *photo from Google

8. Sky Ranch – This was the last stop. It was already around 7:00 PM when we arrived and I don’t think the time is enough to go inside and enjoy the rides with my son, especially that it’s a Sunday. We had dinner there and promised him we’ll be back next time.LUKM0364.jpg

The highlight of this theme park is the Sky EyeJNMS2080*this photo was from my visit last year

That was one fun-filled day for me and Kyle! I highly recommend 8D/1D Tour Challenges, it’s worth every peso! Our tour coordinator, Lorwynn was cute, very friendly and accommodating. She is knowledgeable with each destination and even took some of our photos. I would also like to thank her sister, Claudine for allowing me and my son to enjoy our bonding time together! Looking forward to my next travels with you guys!☺️

Like and follow their Facebook page at 8D/1D Tour Challenges. You may also contact them at 0917 654 1315.

For more of my adventures, you may follow me on Facebook and Instagram . Happy travels!☺️

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