One day, KrisTV featured Puerto Galera and I got curious of how it looks like now, so I decided to go back. I invited my friends, Jason and Grey. Unfortunately, Jason couldn’t go because he also has a Davao trip.

This has been my 3rd time here and I must say a lot of things has changed. I’ve been here last 2004 and 2008, so that was a really long time ago. The port changed, the place is more crowded, and the sand is not as white as before. 

At the bus going to Batangas port with my beach baby 🙂 


  • You can ride a bus at the bus station near Ali Mall in Cubao. Some bus lines are ALPS, Gold Star and more. Cubao to Batangas port bus fare is Php175 for adults and Php140 for kids. Travel time is 2-2 1/2 hours.
  • At Batangas port, you can buy a round trip ferry ticket from Port to White Beach for Php500, plus Php30 terminal fee. Travel time is an hour.  (Tip: There will be tons of guys offering help to book a ferry ticket, do not talk to them! Go straight to the cashier. There’s this guy with an ID who offered for my son, 6 yrs. old to be free for a ferry ride. I thought it sounds good so I can save money. Then before entering the terminal, he’s insisting for me to pay him Php250 for his help. I asked the guards there if kids are free, they said for my son, yes. So we hurried and left the guy. But he didn’t stop, he followed me inside. I told him kids are free, but he won’t leave so I gave Php100 and he left.)

Ferry schedule:

  • Upon arriving, there’s a “free” shuttle ride going to White Beach but you have to pay Php50 environmental fee. Kids should be free. Travel time is about 10 mins.

Batangas Port


Kyle with the boatmen photobombers. It’s his first time to ride a ferry. 

Fortunately, the shuttle service stopped exactly at our resort. I booked at VM Beach Resort through Agoda. It’s beach front and affordable especially if you’ll stay there as a group. I paid Php1,400, but the room is good for 6-7 people with 1 double bed and 2 single beds. 

At White Beach, if you are big on rice, they have a food terminal that offers unlimited rice. One on the far right end of the beach and the other one on the left part. They offer big servings for an affordable price. Plus, you can take a picture like the one below. 🙂 

Of course, my dearest friend Grey, will never miss to try the famous Mindoro Sling. After eating, she looked for it right away. She went to Marco Vincent Dive Resort, it costs Php180 there. But since she felt like it’s not strong enough for her, she paid additional Php40 to add rhum.

And yes, beach bumming while Kyle plays. It was drizzling from time to time, so we didn’t see the sun.    

We didn’t really go out that night. We were too tired, plus I was awake for 24 hours so we just had dinner. Although we saw some fire dancers, I didn’t get to take a video or picture of them. Also, there are a lot of entertainers at night at some restaurants/bars. Some dances, sings, there are stand up comedians and there are bands too. I heard, night life is better at Sabang. My agents, who I accidentally saw there, told us about it. Going to Sabang from White Beach, you have to ride a trycicle for Php700 roundtrip. 

The next day, we woke up at 4:30AM and all of us were hungry. So we walked to look for a place to eat. We just saw one restaurant open at that time, with a cool jet ski table.  

We waited for the sunrise, but Mr.Sun didn’t show up. So, Kyle just enjoyed watching the pigeons    

And then, beach bumming again. 🙂       

We opted to just chill by the beach, but there are a lot of activites that you can enjoy in White Beach. Here are some: (sorry, didn’t get the rates for each)

  • Banana Boat
  • Parasailing 
  • UFO ride
  • Flying Fish
  • Jet ski
  • Island Hopping
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Go to Tamarraw Falls
  • Massage
  • Have a Henna tattoo
  • Hair braid  

For the ferry going back to Batangas port, no shuttle needed. The ferries are lined up in the beach front near our resort. There’s a Php10 environmental fee, kids are free. 

That was our overnight trip to White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Budget wise, you can spend Php1,500-2,000 per person for an overnight stay. That’s with transportation, room and food. 🙂

For more tips and adventures, visit my blog Althea’s Adventures. 🙂

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