Update: We were told that this beach is already CLOSED to public.

I blogged about Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort yesterday. And here’s a nearby beach that is cheaper and very affordable for budget travelers like me. It is also located at Calatagan, Batangas and about 3-4 hours travel time from Manila. Budget is only around Php500 per person, and of course you can save if you’ll go as a group. Perfect for team building, barkada trip or family getaway. 🙂


  • There’s a terminal in Pasay for buses and vans going to Calatagan. Bus fare is about Php140-160 and Php180 for the van. They leave as early as 4:00AM.
  • At Calatagan Market, you can ride a tricycle going to the beach for Php100-150. The road is rough going there so be prepared for a bumpy ride.
  • Going home, the last van trip is 4:00PM, so make sure to leave before that time. Ask the tricycle driver to pick you up since transportation is not easy outside the resort.
  • If you have a car, just follow Waze.


  • Overnight fee is Php130
  • Day tour is Php65 (free for kids)
  • Tent rental is Php400 (you can bring your own tent or hammock)

We went there last April 2014, but my friends said that the price didn’t change. This is a private property owned by SM group of companies and I heard that they will build a resort there soon. I suggest that you go there while it’s still affordable and enjoy the nature’s beauty. 🙂 

The beach was really nice, the sand was soft and water was clear. Although there were small jellyfish in other areas, you can easily see them so just be careful. 

Note that there’s no electricity there, bring powerbanks and flash lights if you’ll do overnight. There are sari-sari stores but I suggest to bring your own cooked food. There are also comfort rooms in the area and you can pay Php5.00 to use it. We brought food but we didn’t have a tent so we rented one.  

Some boatmen will offer you island hopping for Php800 per boat. There were sea urchins going to the sand bar, so make sure to not go down the boat if not asked by the boatman. Some people catch sea urchins and eat it, we were not offered though so we didn’t try. They said it tastes like oyster.

There were a lot of starfish there as seen in pictures and Kyle loved it! That was his first time to see them live, and that’s the very reason why we went to Burot beach. 🙂   

Upon going back, Kyle enjoyed the rest of the day swimming and played with the starfish that he saw on the shore. 🙂  

So, that’s Burot Beach! We went there on a Friday and left the place before 4:00PM, it felt like we owned the place because there’s just a couple of people there with us that time. Expect that it is very crowded during weekends (Saturday-Sunday) especially during summer, so I suggest to go on weekdays.

Time to go home! 🙂

You can check other awesome places that you can go to, visit my blog. Enjoy beach bums! 🙂

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